Dove® Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin (3.75 oz., 16 ct.) is ideal for daily use on sensitive skin. It uses classic Dove conditioners and ¼ moisturizing cream in a formula that’s unscented and hypoallergenic. This Dove bar is suitable for your hands, face, and body and provides mild cleansing that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

What Makes this Dove Soap So Good for Sensitive Skin?

Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin uses the same conditioners and ¼ moisturizing cream that they’re known for in this hypoallergenic, unscented formula. Dove soap is #1 recommended by dermatologists because it doesn’t dry out your skin as ordinary soap can. It’s mild and gentle enough to leave even sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth.

How Can I Use Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar?

If you have sensitive skin, you know that daily washing with harsh cleansers can dry out your skin but Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin is suitable for everyday use on your face, hands, and body. You can use it in the shower, to wash your hands throughout the day, or to remove makeup at night before going to sleep. It’s also pediatrician recommended for use on baby’s soft skin because it’s so gentle.

Who Should Use this Dove Sensitive Skin Bar?

Anyone who uses regular soap and finds that their skin is too dry is a good candidate for this Dove sensitive skin bar. This pack contains 16 bars in all and is a good choice for a family who prefers sensitive skin soap. This pack is also a good choice for stocking the bathrooms in a B&B, days spas, or powder rooms in small boutiques. The bulk size lasts a long time and is cost-effective plus it can help make guests and customers feel at home and well taken care of.


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